Cleo Coates Mar 2, 2022 11:53:13 AM 4 min read

The Grads Have Arrived!

Emerald are delighted to announce the recent investment into the Birmingham team. With record growth year-on-year, Emerald have expanded the team to support the ever growing demand from our clients. Partnering with Retain Train Recruit (RTR) we are committed to ensuring a comprehensive onboarding and development process for our newest recruits. 

RTR Founder, Stew Wilson is determined to reshape the recruitment industry's misconceptions, and we are here to help. The industry has seen as little as 64% of employee retention in recent years, vs 85% in other industries. For Emerald, it was a no brainer, retaining RTR gives our newest employees the support they need and allows Emerald to combat and change the retained landscape.

Retain Train Recruit, is focused on partnering with open-minded, people-centric recruitment companies, who are invested in empowering employees in their personal and professional careers in the industry, so it was a natural partnership for Emerald.

"Recruitment is a brilliant industry for the opportunities available. It really does open doors. Along with transferrable skills, B2B knowledge and resilience in a hyper fast environment, it is full of young talent." - Stew Wilson, Founder- Retain Train Recruit. 

Our Process:

To begin the process, we held an evaluation day where we successfully hired 4 out of 11 graduates. The evaluation days are focused on understanding each candidates interaction and communication with their peers and also with us, Emerald. We were more focused on evaluating the candidates rather than assessing them individually, it gave us great insight into graduate talent.

"There are very few genuine executive search organisations in the industry and therefore, hiring experienced consultants from the industry, with the skills needed, is very difficult. We find that hiring top graduates and building them organically and giving them the solid foundations and training needed to success at this level works much better." - Chris Birkedale, Divisional Director- Emerald.

At Emerald, we are known for having an industry leading training program, in which our newest associate consultants can vouch for. The onboarding and training process is so critical to the development of our team. We dedicate the first 3 months providing an intense training programme, followed by 3 months of daily 'on the job' training. Our training programme provides the associate consultants with the foundations and best practice needed to succeed.

Don't just take our word for it, meet our associate consultants and learn about their journey so far.

jug s    Jugjeevan Brar
"It’s clear to see that emerald have a fun energetic and supportive work atmosphere working in the tech sector and having the ability to connect people from all over the world under the Emerald brand."
Find out more about Jugjeevan.

bon s 

  Bonnie-Lee Stone
"Emerald is a fast-growing company in a market that is just beginning to be explored properly. The team morale was apparent from the off!"
Find out more about Bonnie.

oscar s    Oscar Holland
"One of the key differences between Emerald and their competitors is their focus on the quality of service and I was immediately drawn to that. Additionally, the staff were all so honest with their responses to my questions and therefore, I was able to build a clear picture about the company.
                                         Find out more about Oscar.


    Gabrielle Redfern
"The positive and friendly atmosphere of the team makes it a great environment to work in. The drive Emerald has towards finding the right candidate for the role, going above and beyond for their clients clearly shows why they are so successful in recruitment."
Find out more about Gabrielle.

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