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Emerald vs. Velocity Global: Which One Is Better?

Companies on the brink of global expansion face a crucial decision: selecting the right partner to help navigate the complexities of international talent management and legal compliance. This is where Emerald Technology and Velocity Global step into the spotlight, each offering unique solutions tailored to the demands of tech companies aiming for worldwide growth.

 This comprehensive comparison delves into the services, strengths, and distinctive offerings of Emerald Technology and Velocity Global, providing an insightful guide for tech vendors considering their options for international expansion. Through detailed overviews of each company's approach to global talent acquisition, Employer of Record (EOR) solutions, and innovative platforms, this article aims to illuminate the path for technology companies seeking the ideal partner for their global journey.

Overview of Emerald Technology

Established in the year 2000, Emerald Technology has rapidly risen as a key ally for technology firms seeking to expand their reach globally. The core mission of this company is to facilitate swift and effective scaling for these organizations on a worldwide scale. With a focus on providing specialized services such as global talent acquisition, employer of record (EOR) solutions, executive search, embedded talent solutions, and CV as a Service (CVaaS), Emerald customizes its solutions to meet the specific demands of the technology sector.

Its profound engagement with the technology industry's ecosystem empowers Emerald to attract exceptional talent and overcome the complexities of international employment. The introduction of the Emerald Cloud Platform has greatly enhanced its array of services, offering an efficient means to oversee a global workforce. This platform is a testament to Emerald's dedication to innovation and its focus on delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, bridging the gap between talent acquisition and the management of a worldwide workforce effectively.

Overview of Velocity Global

Velocity Global, established in 2014, has swiftly become a trailblazer in the domain of distributed work, making it easier for people worldwide to collaborate effectively. This company has embraced the work-anywhere ethos, with a significant presence spread across six continents and 60 countries, underscoring its global reach and commitment to diversity. Its headquarters in the United States, along with regional headquarters in Amsterdam, reflects its strategic positioning to foster innovation and global collaboration.

The leadership at Velocity Global brings a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise in distributed work, all aimed at enabling businesses to flourish on a global scale. At the heart of its offerings is the Employer of Record (EOR) solution, designed to simplify the hiring of international employees while ensuring adherence to local employment laws. This service is a cornerstone for organizations looking to expand their footprint worldwide without the complexities typically associated with global expansion.

Velocity Global's services extend beyond EOR solutions, encompassing Global Immigration solutions that facilitate the smooth relocation of talent across borders. This comprehensive approach to global mobility includes consulting on global mobility strategies, obtaining necessary authorizations, and ensuring ongoing compliance with immigration laws. Additionally, its suite of distributed workforce solutions offers expedited onboarding, expert HR support, and strategies to attract and retain top talent, thereby enabling businesses to scale rapidly and efficiently.

Emerald Technology: Specialization in Global Talent Acquisition

Emerald Technology is renowned for its ability to find and attract top-tier commercial and technical talent worldwide, offering specialized services such as executive search and CV as a Service (CVaaS). These offerings are not merely about filling vacancies but are strategically devised to match talent with the organization's long-term growth plans, particularly in burgeoning and uncharted markets.

Moreover, Emerald's Employer of Record (EOR) service extends vital global payroll solutions, an essential asset for organizations aiming to broaden their footprint internationally without the need to set up local branches. This service is further enhanced by Emerald's proprietary cloud platform, which amalgamates payroll operations with various HR functionalities to deliver a cohesive management experience.

Emerald's strategy in providing HR solutions, especially through its EOR service, is meticulously crafted to aid firms in their global expansion journeys. The emphasis lies on demystifying the complexity surrounding the management of an international workforce, covering everything from onboarding processes to adherence with regional employment statutes.

A standout feature of Emerald's offerings is its cloud platform, which elevates the EOR service by providing a unified dashboard for businesses to oversee their global workforce. This platform merges payroll, human resources, and compliance procedures into a singular interface, characterized by its ease of use and the provision of immediate insights into global operations. This makes it an essential resource for enterprises navigating the intricacies of international growth.


Emerald Technology Pricing Overview

Emerald Technology introduces a clear and straightforward pricing strategy for its Employer of Record (EOR) service, designed to attract tech companies aiming for international growth without the hassle of setting up local operations. Here's a breakdown of our service pricing:

  • Entry Package: For a monthly fee of £500, this package offers comprehensive payroll and employment process management through Emerald Technology. It supports an unlimited employee count, facilitates the creation of compliant contracts across over 150 countries, manages global payments, allows for specific user permissions, includes new employee onboarding, and provides access to all foundational features of the Platform.

  • Growth Package: Priced at £750 per month, this package extends the Entry package by incorporating additional workforce benefits, a dedicated specialist for onboarding, and round-the-clock online support.

  • Enterprise Solution: Aimed at larger organizations with specific requirements, this package is custom-priced. It encompasses all features from the Entry and Growth packages, along with additional services like work visa assistance, employee engagement initiatives, and comprehensive reference and security checks.

Emerald's pricing framework is built to accommodate both emerging start-ups and established enterprise companies, offering the flexibility to select a package that aligns with their needs for global expansion and talent management.

Emerald Technology: Tailored Solutions for Tech Vendors

Emerald Technology stands out for its dedicated service to technology vendors, delivering custom solutions that specifically address the unique demands of rapidly evolving tech companies. This focus marks a key distinction, equipping Emerald with the ability to offer focused assistance for worldwide growth and talent strategy, underpinned by a thorough grasp of the tech industry's complexities.

  • Global Talent Acquisition: Emerald excels in the global recruitment of premier commercial and technical talent. Their approach is not just about filling positions but strategically placing talent to support the company’s long-term objectives for growth.

  • Employer of Record (EOR): For organizations aiming to scale internationally without the complexity of establishing local offices, Emerald's EOR service is a game-changer. It eases the management of a worldwide workforce by ensuring adherence to the employment laws and norms of over 150 countries.

  • Cloud Platform: A cornerstone of its services, Emerald’s cloud platform works in harmony with its EOR offering. This platform equips businesses with a streamlined, transparent, and straightforward system to oversee their global employment tasks.

At the core of Emerald Technology's global HR solutions, especially enhancing the EOR offerings, lies its cloud platform. Tailor-made to simplify the management of a global workforce, the platform is loaded with features designed with tech vendors in mind, aiming at facilitating their international scale.

Key Features

  • Centralized Management of Global Employment: The platform provides a single, comprehensive system for overseeing payroll, HR, and compliance issues in various countries, making global expansion smoother.

  • Integration Features: It integrates effortlessly with existing HR infrastructures, allowing for smooth data transfer between different systems and services, boosting efficiency, and minimizing errors.

  • User-Friendly Experience: Designed for simplicity and accessibility, the platform offers an intuitive interface, enabling companies to manage their global workforce without extensive training or technical know-how.

  • Compliance and Payroll Management: A highlight of the platform is its robust compliance mechanism with local employment laws and regulations, alongside its capability to handle payroll in various currencies, ensuring timely and accurate employee remuneration according to local standards.

Final Thoughts

Emerald Technology stands as a prime choice for technology enterprises poised for international growth, especially for those aiming to recruit and manage a global workforce without the complexities of setting up local operations. With our customized global expansion services and the targeted assistance provided by our cloud platform, Emerald positions itself as the perfect ally for tech vendors seeking swift worldwide advancement.

Organizations in search of a partner with profound knowledge in the technology arena, capable of delivering personalized talent acquisition and global workforce management solutions, will find Emerald's services especially appealing.

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