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Emerald vs Papaya Global? Which is better

When looking for a solution to assist with your company's global expansion, you must take your time and research the best option for you. This article compares the hybrid, human-centric service of Emerald with the platform-based solution provided by Papaya Global. 

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is a worldwide, platform-based EOR company founded in 2016. Papaya Global has become a popular cloud-based solution in several industries by providing companies worldwide with comprehensive human resources and payroll management systems. 

Papaya Global supports various industry sectors, including technology, retail, finance, healthcare and professional services. Its platform is designed to be highly flexible and customisable to meet the unique needs of different industries.

Companies of all sizes can use Papaya Global’s platform to simplify and automate HR and payroll processes, reduce manual errors and ensure compliance with local regulations.



Emerald Technology is a leading Global Talent Acquisition and EOR business primarily focused on the technology industry. As such, Emerald has been an expert in sourcing, hiring, and payrolling talent for the most disruptive tech companies in the world for over 20 years. 


Emerald is a global EOR, specialising in pre-IPO, Venture Capital and Private Equity backed companies, providing end-to-end recruitment and expansion solutions in more than 170 countries. With decades of experience, Emerald has shown valuable expertise in Software Development, Communications & Mobility, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing tech spaces.


Emerald's excellent track record shows that over 500 companies across five continents have successfully used their EOR, Talent Acquisition and Global Payrolling services to fuel their growth. With its assistance, Emerald aims to help businesses streamline their HR and payroll processes, reduce costs and risks, and access a global talent pool, thus freeing up time for their clients to focus on their core activities.


Papaya Global vs Emerald: A comparison

Papaya Global and Emerald are successful EORs that offer end-to-end solutions to help businesses scale and grow globally. When investing in a business solution, you must consider the subtle differences that will allow you to make an informed decision. In this section, we compare and contrast Papaya Global and Emerald in terms of services, customer service, integrations, and pricing.



Emerald and Papaya Global are similar in that they both offer an end-to-end solution, including EOR services, Talent Acquisition and Global Payroll. They handle onboarding, securing visas and work permits, payrolling, benefits, compliance, tax deductions, security, reference checks and offboarding. 


A significant difference between the two solutions is that Emerald provides a comprehensive and specialist approach to talent acquisition. In contrast, Papaya Global only provides a platform that allows users to manage their recruitment processes, such as posting job openings, screening resumes, scheduling interviews and tracking candidate progress.


On the other hand, Emerald brings decades of recruitment experience, offering a complete talent acquisition solution from sourcing to hiring, including executive search and CV as a service. Having delivered over 5500 hiring projects in over 60 countries, Emerald takes a dedicated and specialist approach to bringing value to their clients.


Moreover, Emerald offers 25% off their recruitment fees for those who choose its end-to-end solution.


Customer service

Papaya Global is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to its clients and ensuring that users take advantage of all its features and functionalities. Customer service at the company is responsive and personalised, with each customer assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager and receiving technical support. Users of the Papaya Global platform can also access a wealth of online resources and a large user community.


Emerald is widely regarded as human-centric in all aspects, and its customer service reflects this ethos. Emerald customers benefit from the assistance of a highly experienced customer success team and account executives trained to resolve all Global Payroll and EOR issues. Furthermore, telephone, email, and chat support are available 24/7, ensuring that Emerald customers can get assistance from a live person anytime.



Papaya Global offers integrations with various third-party applications and services, including accounting software, applicant tracking and benefits administration systems, HR management and payment platforms.

As Emerald is not a platform-based solution, integrations and APIs are not part of their current offering. However, Emerald’s EVO platform is due to launch in 2023, enabling clients to manage every element of their global HR in one place.



When you hire someone through an EOR service, the EOR fees are added to the total cost of employment (TCE) you pay. TCE varies between nations and comprises the entire social programmes, such as wages and benefits, that the local government has made mandatory. Both Papaya Global and Emerald add their prices on top of the TCE.


Papaya Global's platform has transparent pricing options, with different pricing plans available depending on business needs. The pricing plans are determined by the number of employees managed via the platform and the services required and exclude global payroll that comes at an additional cost. This means that companies only pay for the needed features and capabilities.


Emerald offers competitive rates, which is the lowest in the market by charging £499 per employee to act as an EOR. With Emerald, there are no additional hidden costs, making their pricing plans easy to understand and thus anticipate upcoming expenses. A unique feature of Emerald is that Global Payroll is included, making it an attractive and competitive option on the market.


Emerald vs Papaya Global: Pros and cons

Emerald and Papaya Global both provide high-quality EOR services. However, because Papaya Global is entirely platform-based and Emerald is human-centric, there are significant differences. The following section will assist you in weighing the pros and cons of these options and determining which will benefit you the most.


Emerald pros and cons

Emerald is a unique company that offers a human-centric approach tailored specifically to each client. Here are some of the strongest points of Emerald.

Emerald Pros

  • 20+ years of talent acquisition experience in the tech market. 
  • Emerald does not engage with agencies for talent acquisition, it has always been done in-house.
  • Risk-free EOR services, Global Payroll and Workforce Management all in one place.
  • Global coverage of expert HR, Finance and Legal teams. 
  • Can onboard employees in 48 hours. 
  • Bespoke services tailored to the client's needs. 
  • They have dedicated expert customer service 24/7.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing.
  • Unrivalled tech industry experience.


Emerald Cons

  • Emerald currently doesn't offer any integrations.


Papaya Global pros and cons

Papaya Global is a comprehensive global platform customisable to different industries. Here are some of the pros of using Papaya Global as your EOR.

Papaya Global Pros

  • Comprehensive HR and payroll platform covering the entire employee life cycle.
  • Global coverage 
  • Speedy Global Payroll payments
  • A customisable platform that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of businesses.
  • Excellent customer service, offering dedicated technical support as well as online resources and user community. 


Papaya Global Cons

  • This platform can get expensive as the price goes up with the number of employees and services required.
  • Although user-friendly, there is a learning curve for businesses not familiar with HR and payroll management  as it is self-service. 
  • It doesn't own its legal entities in countries that it serves
  • The HR solution is basic as it lacks learning management and performance review tools. 
  • Lacks 24/7 support
  • Offers limited third-party integrations. 


Key takeaways

In conclusion, Emerald is a more established and experienced EOR and end-to-end solution that understands the importance of providing tailored solutions to its clients. Emerald stands out as a solution provider for global expansion due to features such as 24/7 human-centric support, 20+ years of talent acquisition experience in the tech industry, bespoke EOR services, and competitive pricing.


On the other hand, Papaya Global is a platform-based solution that can be tailored to specific industries but does not offer bespoke solutions. As a result, Papaya Global may be a better fit for businesses that want to manage their HR and payroll through a platform rather than those looking for a more personalised service like Emerald.

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End-to-end recruitment FAQ's

What locations do Emerald search, hire and payroll in?

We offer a limitless solution. We source, onboard and payroll employees in every region worldwide (except sanctioned countries.)


Who are Emerald’s customers?

We support Pre-IPO, VC or PE backed technology start-ups. We are a trusted partner to some of the most innovative and globally recognised technology companies since 2000.


How quickly can Emerald onboard employees?

We can compliantly onboard employees on average of just 24-72 hours.