Emerald Technology Nov 17, 2021 12:11:21 PM 2 min read

Location, Location, Relocation

Emerald Technology has been based in Birmingham since its inception and it has always been important to Emerald to motivate and excite our employees.

We’ve relocated!


Somerset House, Temple Street has got some new residents. We are now right in the heart of the city, immersed in the hustle and bustle – or, as our director Adam DeSanges puts it, “bang in the middle of it.” Our surroundings may be busier getting through the large crowds of commuters, but we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.


The office:


Emerald’s new home! Vibrant emerald green feature walls and furniture give a nod to our company branding and add a touch of personalisation to the space. Big glass windows open up the area, and parquet flooring and exposed foundations contribute to the contemporary decor. We are invested in uplifting our working patterns and enhancing our company culture beyond free breakfasts, Friday socials and weekly/monthly incentives. Increasing our collaborative and social spaces has been a crucial part of our plan, enforcing excitement and motivation throughout.

“We want our staff to think, I work in a kickass office for a kickass company.” - Adam DeSanges











The building:


Somerset House has recently been refurbished whilst still honouring its Art Deco heritage. Our team fell in love with the new feeling that comes with the fresh, contemporary building. The building benefits from co-working and shared spaces, private office suites, a gym, recreational areas and even a rooftop terrace. The building really prompts creativity and collaboration. With other organisations making Somerset house their home, there is a real buzz about the offices. We feel a part of a bigger community.


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The location:

Our new home is situated on Temple St, across from Revolucion De Cuba and our staff favourite Manahatta (which has only recently opened - we’re not the only newbies on the block!). Being in such a key location, we definitely don’t need any more excuses to celebrate our wins with social activities.

P.S: did I mention that the Birmingham Christmas market is open? We will be making up for last year's closure. What a perfect time to move!


Are you interested in joining our fantastic team in our Birmingham office? Check to see if we have any available positions below: