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How To Hire Foreign Nationals In Brazil

Brazil requires foreign workers to obtain a work visa, as established by immigration laws. We have outlined the different work visas and the process of securing one, which can be challenging to companies new to the market. 

Permanent work visa

Foreign workers entitled to permanent residence in Brazil usually seek this visa. It applies to professional researchers, scientists, investors with more than $50,000 invested per person or $200,000 invested per company, managers, and directors.

Holders of VITEM V visa are eligible to apply for permanent work visa after two years.


This temporary visa is the most common working visa and is usually issued to foreign nationals entering Brazil for technical assistance, research skills, or professional services for a work contract or other agreements. Employees in this category must get approval by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. 


This visa can also be recognised as a temporary work visa for foreign nationals. Applying for VITEM II, workers can not acknowledge any monetary benefits from an organisation in Brazil. This visa permits stays for as long as 90 days, and is legitimate for as long as 10 years. 

ITEM XIV- Nomad digital

The country’s National Immigration Council regulated the granting of temporary visas and residence permits so that immigrants may work for foreign employers while staying in Brazil, with no formal employment registered in the country.


Process of obtaining a Brazilian work visa. 


1. Employer submits documents 

Only a Brazilian entity can create a visa application, so if you have not already registered a subsidiary- you need to do so, or engage with a global partner. The Brazilian employer will submit all the prospective employees documents to the General Coordination of Immigration department. These documents must be translated into Portuguese.

2. Approval

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will receive the proposed application to approve, which will authorise the dedicated Brazilian consulate or embassy responsible for the employee to begin the work visa process.

3. Employee submits documents

The individual employee will submit their documents to the local Brazilian embassy. The documents required are:

  • Work Permit Application Form
  • Applicant and Candidate Form
  • Documentation of legal entity sponsoring employee
  • Documentation proving the legal representative of employee

The employee will be required to provide:

  • Address details 
  • Verification of schooling 
  • Proof of professional experience 
  • Copy of passport


The nature of Brazil's work permits and visas can become complex and time-consuming. Engaging with an Employer of Record like Emerald, with an established infrastructure in Brazil can make this process hassle free. 

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Yes, with multiple payroll systems and vendors all working at once, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks and cause catastrophic legal and financial repercussions.


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Absolutely, from unified software to standardized procedures, having a standard way of tackling payroll is vital. Multiple vendors cause confusion and major issues. 


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Yes, it is. When your payroll is split into segments, it’s hard to make sure your vendor is keeping your workforce compliant. 


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