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Emerald 'Newbie'

Joining Emerald Technology as a Digital Marketing Executive.

We have caught up with our newest member of Emerald. Digital Marketing Executive, Cleo.


"All I can say is... what a time to join the company!

From first impressions in the interview stages and induction week, Emerald truly have ambition and fun rooted within their core values, which was so apparent from the get-go in the Birmingham office."

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Get the insight...


What attracted you to Emerald?

It all ultimately came down to the opportunities Emerald offer in their business development. To date, with no current marketing personnel, I was eager to implement all my knowledge learnt from my Digital Marketing Masters, before I was even offered the job.

Describe the onboarding process for you.

My experience only cemented my thoughts of their expertise in talent acquisition and being supportive throughout the onboarding process. From the earlier stages of interviews; both virtual and physical meetings - right to the end, of giving a presentation and the first induction week. It was the perfect balance of support and freedom mixed together.

I gained strong insight to Emeralds company culture, staff passion and ambition. Which made being offered the role an exciting day. I really couldn't wait to get stuck in.

What is your role and what can we expect from you?

My role as Digital Marketing Executive covers anything digital and social. Please expect exciting content including blogs, videos and social posts...as in marketing, we all know that content is King! I have a great drive to build awareness of Emerald's innovative solutions and communicate their industry expertise, as the go-to.

What has been the highlight so far?

Overall it has all been exciting, I have the opportunity to work with an external agency (who is a genius) to develop my marketing abilities. Also, the flexible working is great with the return of working in the office, I am surrounded by the best team.


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Meet Cleo. 


What was your past experience? 

Whilst obtaining my Digital Marketing Masters, I worked in the Hospitality industry as a Sales Coordinator taking on all social media responsibilities. I loved this fast paced and sociable working environment. 

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have a degree in Fine Art, which I studied for before I pursued my interest in Marketing.

What is the best piece of advice you have been told?

"What if it is even better than you imagined?"


Connect with Cleo on LinkedIn or check out her profile.

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